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This Transformers Phone Is Too Awesome To Be Real…Because It’s Not

Have you ever wanted a super sweet phone that looked like a Transformer? Finding your current phone is just a little too dull for your tastes? You’ll need to go ahead and contribute a Makuake crowdfunding campaign that has a special Transformers-branded phone in its sights, from Takara Tomy and Japan’s au mobile phone company.

The company is interested in creating a unique line of phones that can actually transform into Transformers! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you can see them do it autonomously, but you can change them yourself. The funding project started on February 1 and has already made over $8,868 of its goal, which is about 1,000,000 yen. It’s still got 55 days remaining on its goal, and it’s already funded. That’s ridiculous!

The only problem is, and I hate to burst your bubble, these aren’t exactly phones. The “au x Transformers” items are Bluetooth devices that can pair with your iOS and Android phones that will light up when they receive signals from your phones. So it sure is cool and all, but they can’t make calls or anything like that. I suppose it would be too difficult to actually make a phone that could transform, but it sure would be cool.



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