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WWE 13 Debut

If WWE ’12 redefined the wrestling genre – then sit tight and see what WWE ’13 has in store.

Drawing massive inspiration from CM Punk and the revolution he started last year, THQ is mirroring that and has drastically changed its approach to the WWE franchise. While WWE ’12 was a revamp from the ‘Smackdown vs. RAW’ series, not everything could be added in there. Hence WWE ’13 is all set to be the BEST wrestling game ever!

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Key Highlights

Road to WrestleMania is gone – Attitude Era Mode is in!

THQ’s goal here is not to reinvent the past nor is to change things just for the sake of doing so. This single-player mode is an abridged recreation of a memorable time in sports entertainment, allowing players to journey through various storylines as eight of the most popular superstars of that time, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The chapter-based saga moves through WWE’s struggle and eventual triumph during the so-called “Monday Night Wars,” which saw the company on the brink of defeat at the hands of a powerful rival, WCW. Told from the perspective of the WWE during that period, matches and in-game cut scenes are supplemented by superb video packages assembled by WWE’s own editors. These short vignettes put matches, feuds and larger industry developments into perspective, not only keeping the overall story going, but giving a bit of a history lesson in the process.

THQ is also mindful that wrestling fans want a fun game. Therefore each match is broken down into a series of main or side objectives, which are clearly labeled when on-screen, can be easily accessed, and will disappear from a list when they are completed.

In general, main objectives are simple (pin your opponent, grab the title), allowing players to advance the storyline simply by winning matches. However optional side objectives are more meticulous by nature, setting more specific victory conditions – asking players to put an opponent through a table, for example. Those looking to get the most out of WWE ’13 will want to pay attention to all the game asks of them.

The OMG Factor

With so many tweaks being made, it’s hard to forget the little details in Wrestling history that might have been missed. Actions like breaking the right with two behemoths, or a mid-air finisher, these actions, can only be enabled by certain wrestlers in specific locations and instances. Much like the appearance of a ‘Finisher’ icon, an ‘OMG!!’ logo will appear above a character’s head when they are capable of executing these devastating maneuvers, which can quickly change the tide of a match – or even end it. The developers are also in the process of creating specialized visual and audio methods of presenting these moments, ensuring they feel as significant in the game as they do on television.

Match Pacing

If you remember the first time that Kane fought the Undertaker, it took The Dead Man 3 tombstones to put his brother Kane away for the pin – why? Because that’s how EPIC it is. Matches on PPV and on RAW have a different feel to it. There’s more energy, more excitement about these big match situations…and THQ has taken note.

Players can now choose between “Quick”, “Normal” and “Epic” – will affect the overall pacing of a fight, independent of AI difficulty. Factors such as momentum, damage, enemy aggressiveness and even kick out and reversal rates will be affected. The difference can be staggering. Quick matches feel lightning quick compared to epic ones, where superstars seem to have limitless stamina – and health. Best of all, this concept will make its way into the single player campaign as well.

With all that said, it’s just a small chunk of what to expect with a finished product. The game is currently in “Alpha” mode, which means another 2 months or so of testing before it gets into polishing mode. Lots more to be revealed and wrestling fans should be über excited. Stay tuned as we bring you more on this as it happens!

The Roster

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  1. Alberto Del Rio
  2. Alicia Fox
  3. Beth Phoenix
  4. Big Show
  5. Booker T
  6. Brie Bella
  7. Brock Lesnar
  8. Brodus Clay
  9. CM Punk
  10. Chris Jericho
  11. Christian
  12. Cody Rhodes
  13. Daniel Bryan
  14. David Otunga
  15. Dolph Ziggler
  16. Epico
  17. Eve
  18. Heath Slater
  19. Hunico
  20. Jack Swagger
  21. Jinder Mahal
  22. John Cena
  23. Justin Gabriel
  24. Kane
  25. Kelly Kelly
  26. Kevin Nash
  27. Kharma
  28. Kofi Kingston
  29. Mark Henry
  30. Nikki Bella
  31. Primo
  32. R-Truth
  33. Randy Orton
  34. Rey Mysterio
  35. Santino Marella
  36. Sheamus
  37. Sin Cara
  38. Ted DiBiase
  39. The Great Khali
  40. The Miz
  41. The Rock
  42. Triple H
  43. Undertaker
  44. Wade Barrett
  45. Zack Ryder


Attitude Era

  1. Animal
  2. Big Bossman
  3. Big Show (Attitude)
  4. Billy Gunn
  5. Bret Hart
  6. British Bulldog
  7. Cactus Jack
  8. Chris Jericho (Attitude)
  9. Christian (Attitude)
  10. Dude Love
  11. Eddie Guerrero
  12. Edge
  13. Godfather
  14. Hawk
  15. Kane (Attitude)
  16. Ken Shamrock
  17. Lita
  18. Mankind
  19. Mark Henry (Attitude)
  20. Mike Tyson
  21. Mr. McMahon
  22. Road Dogg
  23. Shane McMahon
  24. Shawn Michaels
  25. Stephanie McMahon
  26. Stone Cold
  27. The Rock (Attitude)
  28. Triple H (Attitude)
  29. Trish Stratus
  30. Undertaker (Attitude)
  31. Vader
  32. X-Pac


Release Date is set for October 30th 2012 and will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.





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