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NYCC: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Announced

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game was announced at NYCC (New York Comic Con), set to release alongside the movie (May 2014). While there may be tons of Spidey fans getting excited; there’s one fan that’s a little skeptical and I must apologize for not leaping with joy. Marvel seems to be in going in ebbs and flows with Spider-Man games. The Amazing Spider-Man game that was released with the last movie was a big let down. Graphics and web slinging aside, the game had very little to offer. While the previously released titles Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, had a 50% hit ratio, with the former being more successful than the latter.

My ranting aside, here’s more facts…The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will put players back in a free-roaming New York as the webhead with new combat moves and upgrades. The story itself revolves around Spidey hunting Uncle Ben’s killer; it’s set in the movie universe but existing in its own continuity.

The sequel will also introduce a new heroism system called “Hero or Menace” in which you’re rewarded for stopping crime, but punished if you don’t keep it up. For me, this will either make the game or break it. Probably for the first time ever, the narrative will actually have Peter Parker bits for players to experience.There’s a good chance this could probably be disguised cleverly as stealth missions.

Here’s a look at the trailer that was aired at NYCC.


Honestly, while I’m a little more excited about the movie; the game already has me thinking about all the issues it’s going to have. But as always…let’s wait and see.



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