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EVE Valkyrie VR game is in development for PS4′s Project Morpheus

We mentioned earlier today about Project Morpheus – it’s interesting to note that some of the games being planned for Morpheus is EVE Valkyrie. One of the developers working with Sony is CCP Games, creators of the MMO EVE Online. They’re already working on a VR-exclusive game called EVE Valkyrie, which is coming to the Oculus Rift on the PC, and now, it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 on the Project Morpheus.

EVEN Valkyrie is a space shooter set in the EVE universe, and is designed with multiplayer in mind. CCP previously partnered with Oculus to get EVE Valkyrie to the PC, and the new partnership with Sony means that that VR game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 on consoles.

The game has been shown with different Oculus Rift prototypes, and is one of the few titles that is built with virtual reality in mind. We can’t wait to try it out. The game is scheduled for release this Fall.




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