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Five Must Download Android Arcade Games of January 2015

The beginning of each year sees a new batch of games released, and this 2015 is no different. The year has hardly started but there are already many new challenges available for your Android device. The following are potentially the best five offerings from January 2015:

Metal Slug 3

Metal Slug 3 is the third version of the sequel and was developed by SNK. It is a classic arcade shooting game. In essence, a player needs to continually shoot at enemies, destroying them all in order to reach the end of the level. At the end of each level there’s a boss who requires considerably more persuasion to die. There are weapons to pick up on the way, in particular the metal slug tanks which improves the offensive and defensive actions of the player. It is also possible to kill enemies in knife fights – a classic, entertaining and addictive game.

Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing is based on the simplest premise. A fisherman needs redemption, and to do this he must catch fish and shoot them into the sky. Every type of sea creature can be caught and catapulted into the sky to earn money. Cast your line and use motion controls to avoid the fish until you reel in; then catch as many as you can! Enough fish caught gains you access to another level – a highly entertaining game which you will not be able to put down.

SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run

You are SpongeBob traversing the bottom of the sea looking for coins and avoiding the many obstacles placed in your way. The game has been released to tie in with the new film. It may be aimed at children but is as much fun for adults. The ultimate aim is to find the secret Krabby Patty formula which has been lost. SpongeBob can run, fly or float in a bubble. At some point he can also become Super SpongeBob and literally knock down all obstacles. There are a variety of extras to find through the game. Some allow you to customize the characters and some provide extra obstacles or a vehicle to assist you – lighthearted and a lot of fun with great graphics. Everyone will enjoy playing this one. Ok, we know the video is on the iOS version, and it plays pretty much the same on Android. Didn’t get a decent Android video on YouTube.

Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2 is a multiplayer game you can enjoy on your Android device. If you prefer, you can just play against one, two or even four of your friends at the same time. The idea is to get you character to the finish line first. You may be a cute furry creature but the simple rule in this game is that no force is too much. Characters can be blown up or hurt in a variety of ways. Quick reactions are a must as obstacles appear in your way. As you get better it is also possible to collect bags of swag on the way. The game is fast paced, hugely competitive and a lot of fun.


Another arcade style game you’ll adore playing on Android; how high can you stack sheep? Sheep are swinging from a crane and all you have to do is touch the screen for them to drop straight down. Obviously it quickly becomes difficult to keep a tall stack of sheep balanced! Sheep which land central on the stack gain bonus points. If they land crooked they may knock some or all of the others down. The higher you get the higher your score. The game is highly addictive as you consistently want to beat your score. It is also entertaining and is guaranteed to make you smile while playing.

This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Make Up Games 365!



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