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John Constantine Possible TV Show

For the all Constantine fans, here is something to cheer you up. NBC has announced Constantine is being developed for TV (based on the DC/Vertigo Hellblazer comics). David S. Goyer, who has been noted for his work on the Blade Trilogy, Nolan’s Batman Trilogy & most recent Man of Steel, will be writing the script for the Constantine TV show with Daniel Cerone (writer of the hit TV series The Mentalist). As great as this is, we are hoping the cast is just as good: in particular, the actor to play John Constantine. As much as I enjoyed the 2005 movie, Constantine – Keanu Reeves wasn’t JOHN CONSTANTINE. Read the comics, you will agree.

For those unaware of the character, John Constantine is a character created by Alan Moore & Steve Bissette during the Swamp Thing days. Constantine has been part of the longest running comic series to date for Vertigo, Hellblazer, ending with #300 this year. The character continues to appear in the other series Constantine & Justice League Dark. He is more of an antihero who you’d just love. Recommended for the readers who like Gaiman’s Sandman.



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