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NYCC: Savage Wolverine

So here’s something noteworthy from Marvel. An update on Wolverine!

As we learnt in SDCC 2013, Wolverine Origin II is expected in November 2013. Origin II comic will pick up a few later after the first Origin (which had ended in 1898). The story predominantly to be set just before & during World War I. Anyway, getting to the better part of the news.  The update from NYCC 2013 is a story of Wolverine after the war. It’s during the darker days, the days of depression: 1930s. Richard Isanove will be the writer & illustrator on the new story arc of “Savage Wolverine”. His intention of writing about Wolverine in that time is to show the readers, the different aspects of the character. Since, the story arcs in “Savage Wolverine” are self-contained, no requirements for continuity – Isanove will be leveraging on that and introducing many new characters.

So why are we making a fuss on Richard Isanove? Remember Wolverine: Origin? He was the colorist. It was his distinctive colouring that set a new path for everyone else. His other notable works include: Neil Gaiman’s 1602 & Stephen King’s Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born. Yes, these are not your typical superhero comic books – but these are the ones that bring the whole package: story, pencils & colour. With legends that he has worked with, it will be great to see what he churns out.



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