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Prelude to Captain America: The Winter Soldier

While all the fans wait eagerly for the Captain America sequel, Marvel is leveraging on this. Marvel has announced that they will be releasing a comic (part of their digital Infinite Comics) to serve as a prelude to the movie. The comic brings the writer Peter David in collaboration the upcoming artist Rock He-Kim (known for his work on “X-Force”). Peter David had previously adapted the movie Captain America: the First Avenger into a comic. The comic is the nexus between the Avengers movie and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So unlike, Iron Man 3 we hope to see a more direct line of events with more answers & less questions. The comic will also touch upon Marvel’s One-Shot shorts in this book. In the comic Cap & Black Widow are investigating on something known as the Zodiac (we had heard about this in the Agent Carter short). The comic is available for purchase now: click here.

While we all this is great but don’t you think they are trying to really cash in on everything possible? Let alone the other novelties and collectibles related to the movie release, they are now targeting the comics. Or are they are trying to merge to Comic readers and the movie fans? Get everyone to start on the story in the comics and force them to watch the movie thereafter to see how it ends. The upside is the Chris Evan fans get a bit more of him as Captain America. The fact that its only available (as of now) as a digital purchase is a bit disappointing. I hope they include this print as part of the boxed set collection with the both Captain America movies. That will be something that I would buy (provided the sequel is better than Iron Man 3).

Check out the art work by Rock He-Kim on this comic:

Captain America Prelude




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