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Wii U GamePad Design Cloned by Android Tablet Maker

It was only a matter of time, but one Chinese electronics manufacturer has announced a clearly Wii U-inspired tablet.

Christened the “Dual Core HD GamePad 2”, yes, even baring the Nintendo-coined controller name, the device is a 7-inch Android driven tablet that bares a strong resemblance to the original debut 2011 Wii U GamePad design. The setup includes dual shoulder buttons, circle-pads and the same face button configuration as the current Wii U GamePad, it’s distant cousin as it were.

Specs aside, the manufacturer also notes “9 kinds of Simulator games”  that span an array of classic formats including N64, Mega Drive, PlayStation and Game Boy Advance – we take it “simulator” is a fancy name for “illegal emulator”?

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