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The 10 Must Have Xbox 360 Games of 2014

Don’t let the next gen consoles get you down, the good old PS3 and Xbox 360 have shown us in 2014, they’ve got some real power left in them. We take a look at the top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2014!

#10. Super Time Force

You can either love this or hate it, but you cannot deny how amazing this game is. Side scrolling your way through time and back again, never allows you to settle into any rhythm, and that’s what makes this game really work for me. There’s very little the game does overall, there could have been a LOT more from the game, but I suppose at some level, the simplicity is what makes it so great.

#9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

You had to know, they’d be a CoD game in here somewhere for the Xbox 360. The game really takes the whole franchise to the next level, and leaves you wanting more! The best part of the CoD: Advanced Warfare, is how well it runs on the aging Xbox 360. Overall, if you own this console, and had to pick a great FPS, make sure, this is on your list.


#8. Far Cry 4

Easily one of the best First Person Shooters that came out in 2014 for the Xbox 360. Not a perfect game by all standards, but open words, tons of ammo, hang gliding, and inviting friends to play co-op with you is a pretty radical step to make it onto our list. The visuals from Far Cry 4 are brilliant, and it really pushes the 360’s graphical engine to churn out some impressive graphics. Far Cry gets ahead of CoD: Modern Warfare just based on its visuals, and over all gameplay mechanics, that just manage just to slide past the CoD series.


#7. South Park: The Stick of Truth

What had me excited about this game was the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were closely involved in the direction and creative inputs of the game, and when I played it, I was quite literally blown away…well not literally. Anyway, I’ve already said, it before, but I’ll say it again – fans of the show – this is a MUST buy; if you’re not a fan of the show (I really don’t know why), or if you’ve never seen the show (GASP!), it’s alright, you’ll still find this hilarious by any standard and it’s sure to keep you entertained for quite a few hours.

#6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein returns again in 2014, and it’s stayed far away from its 2009 occult version, thankfully. The game is fun, fast paced, and has an interesting story line, which makes it worth playing twice over. The overall visuals, and game play and writing is impressive, and while it certainly won’t break any new barriers for FPS gaming, this is game sticks to a very grounded version of reality, and that’s what makes it tick.

#5. The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episodes 2-5

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 was released about a year back, and 2014, saw the release of the next 4 episodes. The Walking Dead’s second season retains Telltale’s crown as the king of interactive storytelling; especially after the success of Season 1, and The Wolf Among Us, they’ve nailed this formula down to perfection! Each episode is breathtaking and gives you the creeps and goose bumps that you’ve come to expect. Mix that along with a solid story line, and you’ve gotten yourselves one heck a game. Technically, they’re all different games, but we’ve decided to club them all in together, as it allows you to get a full picture view of the series itself.

Overall, if interactive story telling is your thing – you cannot go wrong with The Walking Dead: Season 2


#4. The Wolf Among Us

Again, another entry from Telltale games, and this time, The Wolf Among Us, takes it’s stand. We’ve again, considered the whole series for its position, but you’ll not want to miss Episode 5, as it’s easily the best episode of the series. The game not only boasts of fantastic visuals, game play and writing, but the overall story, is easily one of THE best we’ve seen, to date, and garners enough momentum to brush past The Walking Dead Season 2


#3. Child of Light

This was on our most anticipated list of games last year, and there’s no doubt, that it was gonna make the top 10 after playing it! Playing Child of Light is such a delightful and immersive experience that it’s sad to see it end. Minor quibbles aside, this is one of those titles that anybody who loves games for their artistry won’t want to pass up. The simplicity of the game, combined with it’s aforementioned visuals, makes it one of the most delightful games to own for the Xbox 360. Ubisoft has another gem in there stable that you must own!


#2. Titanfall

One of the most anticipated games of 2014, and there’s no doubt, it’s earned it place up here. Titanfall really gets fast, heavy and fun, with all of the game’s mechanics, visuals, and style. There’s something about giant robot combat mixed with on-foot deathmatch, whizzing by in Jetpacks, that make this game so much fun. In fact, it’s one of those rare games, that will keep you engaged even if you’re not playing it yourself! It’s a bit of a pain to get going on the Xbox 360, but trust us, this is one game you’ll NOT want to miss!


#1. Dark Souls II

If you ever wondered, where hardcore games go to die…it would be at Dark Souls II. Everything that made Dark Souls into a cult success carries over: complex game mechanics, punishing but fair gameplay and a richly detailed setting if you dig a little deeper. To keep things fresh, this is peppered with a mix of new elements, from improved graphics and game engine to a better designed starting sequence and new mechanics. Dark Souls II is a perfect sequel to Dark Souls, and why it owns the #1 Spot on our list of Best Xbox 360 games in 2014!


There you have it folks, our top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2014! Chime off in the comments below and let us know what your list looks like! Check out the top 10 PS3 Games of 2014 as well.



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