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Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2015

While 2014 might have been a fairly decent year when it came to TV shows, 2015 is looking to be even better! There are tons of new TV shows making their debut – some are interesting, and then there are some that we can’t wait to watch. So, we went ahead and picked out just a few of the best – here’s what you can’t afford to miss in the New Year… and our most anticipated new TV shows of 2015!

Better Call Saul (AMC)


Walter White’s bus-bench lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) provided much of the comic relief in Breaking Bad. Seeing if he can carry a series as the lead will be his biggest case yet in this prequel.

Set six years before Walter White cooked his first batch of meth, Better Call Saul will – like its parent series – follow one man on a transformative journey, as small-time lawyer Jimmy McGill works his way towards one day becoming Heisenberg’s associate.

Scheduled Air Date: 8th Feb, 2015


Battle Creek (CBS)


This is a new crime Drama that we’re eagerly for, but what makes this worth the wait, is that it’s directed by Vince Gilligan – the man behind Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. So you know this is going to be awesome! The story is based on a COP and FBI agent pairing to clean out the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Scheduled Air Date: 1st March, 2015


The Last Man on Earth (FOX)


This is something we’re hoping that it will turn out great. It’s a curious project for sure, but throw in a bit of comedy, and one can see where this might actually get interesting. Will Forte stars as the  last “Man” on Earth; but we also know that the show has already cast Kristen Schall and January Jones. So flashbacks? Last man, but not the only human? Your guess is as good as ours.

Watch the trailer:


Scheduled Air Date: 1st March, 2015


Fresh off the Boat (ABC)

It’s a story of a Taiwanese family that lands in Orlando, probably why the title, and is set to be a comedy about how they sort of adjust to their new environment. Now, at some level, this could end up being “racy”, but leave all that aside, and it has the makings of a good show.  It’s been adapted from the memoir by star chef Eddie Huang, stars Randall Park and Constance Wu.


Scheduled Air Date: Mid-Feb 2015


Togetherness (HBO)


Get ready for this 90-minute indie film comedy bloc on Sunday nights by filmmaking brothers, Mark and Jay Duplass. The story revolves around a couple (a long-married couple to be precise) trying to navigate their way out of a deep rut, as they simultaneously play host to her reckless sister and his unemployed actor best friend. Unapologetic and fun, is what this promises to be and you’d know that, because it’s from HBO!

Scheduled Air Date: Jan 11, 2015

Empire (FOX)


Following on ABC’s Nashville and Starz’s Power, Fox launches a much-anticipated music business drama with Terrence Howard as an ailing hip-hop mogul trying to decide who will inherit his record label. Empire promised to be flashy and soapy, and throw in the Oscar nominated stars Howard, Henson and Gabbie Sidibe, you’re in for one heck of a ride!

Scheduled Air Date: Jan 7, 2015

Bloodline (Netflix)


After House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Marco Polo; Bloodline is the next dark thing on Netflix. Starring Friday Night Lights‘ Kyle Chandler, they’re bring new twists and turns and their own take on this dark family soap.
Created and exec-produced by Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman, and Glenn Kessler, the series is set in the Florida Keys and centers on a close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep brother returns home.
Scheduled Air Date: March, 2015

Westworld (HBO)


Does theme park robots going wild creep you out? Well, J.J. Abrams is bringing you a dystopian drama adapted from the movie Westworld(1973), which is a  science fiction western-thriller film written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton. The show is described as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin”. Oh yes, and it stars Anthony Hopkins!
Scheduled Air Date: March, 2015

Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC)


One thing we’re excited about Agent Carter, is that Marvel now has the means to really establish a LOT of stuff in the past for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story revolves around Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell reprising her role from the “Captain America” films) finds herself marginalized once again by 1940s U.S. society. In the wake of losing her love, Steve Rogers, she struggles to find balance between navigating life as a single woman and working at the covert Strategic Scientific Reserve, with administrative duties and tackling secret missions for an old acquaintance, Howard Stark. Edwin Jarvis, Stark’s butler (now you know where Jarvis came from!), helps Carter as she risks her life and freedom to complete assignments.
Scheduled Air Date: Jan 6th, 2015

Daredevil (Netflix)


Marvel is really pushing out it’s Marvel Universe onto the small screen. Although it looks at this point that the Daredevil universe and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (including agents of SHIED, and Agent Carter), may not tie in with this. But we could be wrong.

Charlie Cox plays the blind lawyer-turned-superhero, and eventually that will lead to upcoming series about Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and, finally, the Defenders.
Scheduled Air Date: May, 2015
There you have it folks, our list of Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2015! What does your list look like?


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