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Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in New Sabotage Poster

Arnold Schwarzenegger fans, feast your eyes on the IGN exclusive poster from his forthcoming action flick Sabotage…


Co-written and directed by David Ayer; notable for movies such as Training Day, Harsh Times and End of Watch – the film is about an elite DEA assault team who start getting bumped off following a raid on a cartel safe house. As the body count rises, everyone is suspected, including members of the team itself.

Other members in the cast include –  Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Josh Holloway and Joe Manganiello alongside Arnie, with Olivia Williams and Mireille Enos starring as the female leads.

Sabotage hits U.K. screens on May 9 and March 28 in the US. The rest of world will get it between April and May.



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