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Bill Paxton Recruited by Agents of SHIELD

Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton as John Garrett

Bill Paxton, the name we associate immediately to the character he plays in Aliens. He has been cast in the Marvel TV show: Agents of SHIELD as John Garrett. The character was first introduced in the Frank Miller miniseries of the Elektra: Assassin story arc. While Paxton has been confirmed for four episodes in the current season, no further details were made available for a recurring role in the coming season (if and when there is one). In the current comics, the character did turn into a cyborg – not sure if the TV show will follow suit.

The introduction of the character on the show may have been the result of many fans (& some critics) citing that the show does not enough characters from the comic books. Just wondering if this is Marvel Studios way of giving in, to ensure that they have a second season. The show currently has many weak characters that they could do without, guess that’s where Bill Paxton’s character is stepping in – to add more weight. Another major improvement area for the show is the “espionage”, the agents are considered to be one of the best out there – part of the super secret espionage organization. Currently, this is very seriously lacking – hope the ratings hold up for the next season.



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