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Wally West is coming back!



With the reboot of the DC comics (New 52), our favorite speedster was left out, similar to Stephanie Brown & others. However, Stephanie’s return to the Bat Family was announced in the NYCC 2013 (we covered that). Now, the latest is they have announced Wally West’s return. The announcement was made on USA Today.

Flash will return in the Flash Annual #3, thanks to the writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen and artist Brett Booth. This is new team that will begin with the #30 issue (of the monthly series) in April 2014. All this is too exciting; it always is when they bring back a character from the dead. I still get the chills for Jason Todd. Even the way they brought back Barry Allen in the Flash Rebirth comics.


Cover to the April publication by Brett Booth
Cover to the April publication by Brett Booth


Just wondering if the Man of Steel sequel will now leverage and announce the Flash’s alter ego? I’m really hoping its Wally West.

If you missed our earlier article on who we would want to see in the red suit, check it out here.



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