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Boardwalk Empire to end…

BoardWalk Empire


HBO draws the curtains on Boardwalk Empire…

The 1920s period drama, starring Steve Buscemi in the lead, Boardwalk Empire will see its end in 2014. In a recent announcement at the Television Critics Association, HBO confirmed that the fifth season will be the final season. Terence Winter, who had brought us Sopranos, is the man behind this show. The show had received immense importance as an original and from the sure-shot with the Sopranos fans. Also, as a treat to the fans of Gangster movies – the pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese. Unfortunately, with the other major cable shows such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Homeland overshadowing the growth of this, the demise was inevitable. But I always prefer an end at the appropriate time than a long drawn brutal one. Just as “you can’t be a half a gangster”, this show cannot be “a half loved show”. The show has had its ups & downs. The show did take a swing in its ratings when it had killed one of the major characters in the second season and again, when they killed a fan favourite character in the fourth season. The fifth season will definitely be an exciting one. Reminiscing on Sopranos, as long as it’s nothing like the first half of season 6, we should be good. I will definitely be looking out for the boxed set DVDs for this series, a must have addition to the existing collection.

HBO programming president Michael Lombardo had this to say:

“It has been an incredible honor to bring this powerful and groundbreaking series to our subscribers. Terry Winter has created one for the ages”

Here are Terence Winter’s thoughts on the final season:

“After much discussion with my creative team and HBO, we’ve decided to wrap up the series after such a great run and look forward to bringing it to a powerful and exciting conclusion.”




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