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Ghost Rider gets a Car!

Earlier this year we were told as part of the NYCC Marvel updates that there be several new titles & changes in 2014, including an all new Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is trading in his motorbike for a Dodge Charger! This change, I don’t think, anybody saw coming. The good part is that the wheels of the charger will be on fire. Yes, I’m reaching here. Glad they are not completely moving away from the core elements. Marvel released the two covers for the upcoming Ghost Rider #1 through CBR, featuring our Ghost Rider – Robbie Reyes with the car. It definitely does look mean. The new series will be written by Felipe Smith with artist Tradd Moore. In an earlier interview with CBR, Smith had this to share on the new Ghost Rider character, Robbie Reyes:

“Our All-New Ghost Rider, as the title suggests, is an absolutely new character: Robbie Reyes. Robbie’s an East Los Angeles high school senior with a short fuse and a passion for electronic music and absolutely anything powered by an engine,” Smith told CBR News in October. “In comparison to previous Ghost Riders, he’s young and inexperienced in life; but his harsh inner city upbringing, overall distrust for most people, and serious contempt for his violent surroundings make him the perfect host for a Spirit of Vengeance.”



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