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How to hook a PS2 to your car

So I received 3 mails over the last month or so on ‘How to hook my PS2 to my Car’ I know this is under the PS3 section, but what the hell… 🙂

First things first – yes, it’s complex. I’m assuming you already have the following – A ps2 (duH), an LCD screen for your car, A car CD deck

So having said that.. here we go:

Since I can’t cram everything here.. go to this link to read all about it. Click here



  1. hooking up my car to the PS2 sounds too cool….i wish i cud do the sam with my PS3….so i could play infamous on the go….with someone driving ofcourse 😀

    • yeah, that would be totally cool. if you have a tutorial or figure out how to get it going..let us know and we’ll set up a seperate article just for you 🙂


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