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‘Mad Max’ Video Game Looks Awesome

Mad Max the video game isn’t being released alongside Mad Max: Fury Road, though certainly that was the initial plan.

The film comes out soon—on May 15th!—whereas the game doesn’t release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC until September 1st, assuming there are no more delays.

Warner Bros. has put out a new trailer showing off features of the game, and a lot of its gameplay. And while these info-narrated style trailers are a little grating to me, at least this one shows off a ton of what the game is going to actually be about, rather than just a cinematic.

As you can see, the combat is very reminiscent of both the Arkham games and Shadow of Mordor, which immediately made me think how cool it would be if Warner Bros. implemented a “Nemesis” system similar to what orcs had in Mordor.

Can’t wait for it to release.





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