The Croods: A New Age Review


When the first Croods movie came out back in 2013, it was a fun, light hearted movie, somewhat of a cross between Ice Age and well, just some story about a family, the Flintstones.

Who would have thought a sequel would be in the works – but hey! It’s not bad at all. Nice animation, good story line progression, and visually the movie is stunning. They do throw in a bit more civilization compared to the first movie which was just a raw prehistoric romp through the 70-80 mins it ran; and it’s a fun journey. Kinda like a modern day Flintstones meets the Jetsons.

The movie stars some pretty big names; Catherine Keener, Chris Sanders, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Emma Stone, Kailey Crawford, Kelly Marie Tran, Leslie Mann, Nicolas Cage, Peter Dinklage and Ryan Reynolds.

It might not be as novel as the first installment; but it’s a good fun move that kids will enjoy and you’ll get a few chuckles out of it as well.

I don’t have anything to nitpick on this movie; as there’s really nothing which makes it go over the top or to say “it should have stayed in the prehistoric era!” … nope. The Croods: A New Age is an easy watch with the kids.

The digital release should hit this year end, but it’s out in theaters now (where applicable) and opened to a $14.2 million across the 5 day timeframe. A success, given the covid situation.


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