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Things Retro Gamers Will Fondly Remember or Not.

If you were a gamer in the 80’s and 90’s you’ll certainly remember some of the good and the bad the old age of gaming brought on. It didn’t matter what sort of platform you were on those days, PC or Console (Atarti, NES, Genesis, SNES etc.), there were some moments that made you tear your hair out (you probably had more hair then, than you have today), and then there are some that you hoped with live with you forever.

Today’s generation is getting exposed to a lot of the retro games as you can now turn your mobile into an retro arcade machine. With the recent partnership between Nintendo and DeNa, some of the best Nintendo games may be coming your way on  on the mobile, which is super exciting, given the direction that Nintendo is heading.

All said and done, we’re hopeful that a new generation experiences some of the goodness retro gamers experienced even if only in remake form. Here’s some of the great and not so great memories that will stay with retro gamers…maybe forever. We also take no responsibility if this has stirred up some bad memories.


The Good


1. Mario vs. Sonic


You had to be part of that era to experience it. Sure you have some rivalries today as well, but they’re mostly centered around fan-boys of consoles. But back in the day, Mario vs. Sonic, was a big deal, because in a way, it tied itself down to which console you owned – Nintendo or Sega.  Who was more popular at the end of it? Mario? or Sonic? Hard to say, but comparing to today, you see more Mario games than Sonic.

2. Finding Easter Eggs on Your Own


No internet, no online game guides, and the thrill of finding something you figured out on your own! From finding the warp-zones in Mario, to the cleverly masked easter eggs in Zelda or figuring out how to face Reptile in Mortal Kombat, there was a true sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, this also gave rise to a LOT..and I mean..a LOT of gaming rumors.

3. Sweet 8-Bit Soundtracks

Come on, you got to admit, that listening to the Duck Tales 8-Bit theme was pretty awesome! or even the Double Dragon theme. There were tons of great 8 Bit soundtracks that accompanied games, which may or may not have been great. It’s something that every retro gamer will remember fondly, and pretty sure YouTube’s it once in a while. I know I do!

4. Trading Cartridges


Sure, you can trade your games even now, but think how much the world has gone digital, and people would just rather buy online. Back in the day, trading game cartridges was a big thing. You’d have your own little clique, your own little bunch of blokes who you’d trade games with, and you’d ensure that no one bought the same game. Of course, there would always be one kid who wanted to have it all, and watch the world burn.

5. Pausing Video Games All Night


You’ve done it before haven’t you, only to have your mom, dad, elder brother/sister waltz into the room, see the TV on, and switch off the mains; thereby sending your efforts down the drain. But you loved it nonetheless. But you’d never have it any other way, wouldn’t you?

The Bad


6. Passwords and Save Game Combos


Picking up from #5, if you didn’t leave your game on all night, you then had the terrible fate of remembering ridiculous passwords and combos. The Legend of Zelda always felt like playing Russian roulette when you had to hold the reset button and the power switch at the same time. Ugh. Don’t miss that AT ALL!

7. Cables, Cables and More Cables


Today’s generation of video games has really brought on the wireless era out of the box. People expect wireless controllers today, and not to mention that HDMI technology has greatly saved TV clutter. Back in the day, you had cables for your controllers, and your heart would go to your mouth every time someone crossed through your pitfall of cables. Thank you wireless!

8. One-life Video Games

DD3 death

The only thing harder than no save feature or the save game passwords, was when the game would give you just 1 life. That’s it. Just 1 life, to play through. Quite literally YOLO in the game eh? Die Double Dragon III, die!

9. Blowing on Cartridges


Wrap a cloth around it, blow into the slot where the cartridge was housed, and hope that it worked. Thankfully it worked most of the time, but hell no, I don’t miss that at all! Or if you were a PC gamer, those darn 5 1/4 inch floppies were the worst!

10. Pirated Cartridges


You’d eventually run into one of these – 100 in 1 or 52 in 1, and you were like, “It’s magic!” – until you slotted it in, to realize what a crap-fest of games they had to offer. Pirated cartridges also came with no guarantee. You never know if it was going to work or not work. This especially became paramount when they started releasing 4 in 1’s or 8 in 1 cartridges, which had blockbuster titles, which was totally worth the money. But yeah, Piracy didn’t pay back then, and doesn’t pay even now.


Blistered fingers from using the D-Pad


Either you loved this, because it was like a warrior’s scar – temporarily at least; or you hated it because it meant you couldn’t play till it healed. Either way, D-Pad blisters were common back in the day.



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