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Batman: Arkham Asylum Ships 2.5 Million Units


Batman: Arkham Asylum has enjoyed good sales, critical buzz, and even a world record. Signs don’t seem to indicate that its popularity will slow, either, as word came from Eidos today that they’ve shipped a total of 2.5 million units. This is only in terms of units shipped, of course, so it’s not a concrete sales number at retail. Still, it shows retailer confidence in the product and marks an impressive debut for a game less than a month old. The game had a notable showing in the August NPDs at around 600,000 units in only a week. That means that even if only half of the Eidos’ shipped units sell through at retail this month, the game will be looking at almost a full million when the September numbers come in. While individual SKUs of the game might be split and beaten out by heavy-hitters like Madden NFL 10 and Halo ODST, we’re almost certain to see Batman appear somewhere in the top five next month.

It’s also worth noting that nVidia will now be shipping Arkham Asylum with their cards!




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