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Matty Collector Unveils SDCC Exclusive She-Ra

The Princess of Power, Sister ofand the greatest hero of Etheria, this 11″ She-RaIt’s one of those rare characters that hasn’t gotten it’s due justice. I guess there are many more…but finally, Mattel has revealed its first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive toys and it’s pretty fantastic to finally get She-Ra as an action figure. In addition to the classic She-Ra outfit from the cartoon, she comes with an equally accurate version of the red and white suit she wears in her secret identity as Adora, lost Princess of Eternia and rebellious former Captain of the Guard for the Evil Horde. She also has a third outfit, which looks like an update of what the original 1985 She-Ra toy wore, complete with that bananas reversible mask/headdress. She has both a gold and a silver sword, as well as a silver shield, and even a mini-comic.

Check out some images:

shera_12 shera_6 shera_5 shera_3 shera_2 shera_1

Interested fans can pre-order the doll on Matty Collector’s website between June 17 and June 26. Orders will also be open a day early for subscribers, on June 16. To actually pick up your order, you have to visit Matty Collector at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, but if you’re the sort of person who’s interested in this, there’s a good chance you were already planning to.



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