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NYCC: Batman Eternal Announced


Massive great news in the comic book universe, well atleast for the Batman fans! DC comics new series: Batman Eternal is the new weekly starting in 2014 (as announced in the New York Comic Con). Scott Snyder will be working with artist Jason Fabok (known for his work in Detective Comics). He also will have a team of writers to work on this – Tynion IV (Talon), John Layman (Detective Comics), Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark) and Tim Seeley (Revival). Snyder will be taking the helm on this. Though the writers have the freedom to write the Batman stories, Snyder will ensure their Eternal goal is reached.

To add to this, 2014 marks the 75th Anniversary for Batman. The Detective Comics no.27 (expected on January 8, 2014) is in its own way tribute to the issue that introduced Batman to the world: Detective 27 (published in 1939). No. 27 has been confirmed to have the biggest names come together in contributing to the massive 96-page issue. Scott Snyder is amongst the writers. Frank Miller will also be one of the contributors. This will be definitely a high recommendation for purchase in mint-condition. Guaranteed Collector’s item!



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