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‘Handyman’ equals ‘Big Daddy’ in BioShock Infinite

Just hot off the presses, here’s the latest news from VGA 10 on BioShock Infinite. All along the trailers et al, I bet you wondered – ‘just where the hell is Big Daddy?’ or some equivalent of it!

Well – that exact question was answered today at VGA 10!

Watch the video below for the first look at ‘The Handyman’ – Their world’s ‘Big Daddy’.

“What’s interesting here is that the Handyman is attacking an airship that seems to be firing rockets at Booker. So, in effect, the Handyman helped Booker out somewhat but that doesn’t stop our hero from taking out his sniper rifle to get a headshot in to take this big bastard out.”

The video is very shot but still contains some nice game play footage and the voice of Elizabeth as she warns Booker about the Handyman. As the release date approaches there should be a lot more videos and trailers to come but, this short teaser trailer will do for now as it is may contain the only shot of a Handyman.




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