Sony Planning ‘Big PS3 Announcement’ Tomorrow


Sony PlayStation 3Well tomorrow as we know it is the end of the financial year from Sony and they’re making a BIG announcement. Right now your guess is as good as ours, no clue on what’s gonna happen. But rumors have of course been swirling for some time about a PS3 price drop, with Sony even recently being publicly pressured by third-party publishers to make a price cut on the console soon. However, he’s what we’ve speculated:

1. A price drop – maybe it will in turn reduce the price of the PS2, bringing it down $100 or something

2. Some new title for the PS3

3. Recall all PS3s 😛

4. Give away free PS3s

ok so 3 is crazy and 4 is just wishfull thinking. but hey..stay tuned tomorrow.


  1. must be world wide. Why would they just make this for India only? PS3s are so expensive here and not even hacked. I wouldn’t buy one unless its cracked.


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